Patient Access

Patient Focused. Access Centered.

MelintAssistSM delivers personalized patient support

Continuity of care is essential for your patients. We help to ensure they receive their BAXDELA prescription when and where they need it.

MelintAssist Patient Access Program


MelintAssist offers broad support to meet individual needs.

MelintAssist Access Specialists

Our dedicated MelintAssist Access Specialists provide personalized support to help patients overcome financial barriers and quickly access BAXDELA.

Benefits Verification

MelintAssist Access Specialists verify insurance coverage.

Prior Authorization

MelintAssist Access Specialists support the prior authorization process.


Allows eligible patients to continue treatment when there is an insurance-related delay.a

BAXDELA Savings Program

Eligible patients with commercial prescription insurance may pay as little as $4 per prescription. Most patients will pay no more than $75 per prescription.b

Download your savings card here.

MelintAssist Patient Assistance Program

For assistance options, call 1-844-MELINTA (1-844-635-4682).

Delivery Support

MelintAssist can ship BAXDELA tablets overnight directly to a patient or arrange for pickup at a local pharmacy.c

MelintAssist is provided by Melinta Therapeutics, Inc. (“Melinta”) for informational purposes and for the patient’s convenience only, and is not intended as legal advice or a substitute for a provider’s independent professional judgment. There is no requirement that patients or providers use any Melinta product in exchange for this information and assistance. Providers should consider information and assistance provided by MelintAssist together with their patient’s needs and any legal, contractual, or other requirements that may apply, including payer requirements. Melinta assumes no responsibility for and does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of any such information or assistance, including appointment reminders or scheduling, any communication regarding a patient’s provider-directed treatment plan, sites of treatment, benefit verification or other support. Melinta reserves the right to modify or discontinue MelintAssist in its sole discretion at any time without notice.

For more information and support, call 1-844-MELINTA (1-844-635-4682).

aIn the event of a delay in commercial payer coverage determination. For BAXDELA tablets only.
bFor eligible patients with commercial prescription insurance only. For BAXDELA tablets only. Terms and conditions apply.
cBased on availability.

BAXDELA® is indicated in adults for the treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSI) caused by designated susceptible bacteria.