Patient Access

Patient Focused. Access Centered.

MelintAssist delivers personalized patient access

Continuity of care is essential for your patients. We help to ensure they receive their BAXDELA prescription when and where they need it.

MelintAssist Patient Access Program

MelintAssist offers broad services to meet individual needs.

Dedicated Access Specialists

Our team offers personalized support for patients with timely access and reimbursement services.

Benefits Verification

We help ease the process by providing comprehensive insurance and coverage information.

Prior Authorization Assistance

Assistance navigating and expediting the Prior Authorization process.


BAXDELA Patient Savings Program

BAXDELA Patient Assistance Program

BAXDELA is available at no cost to your eligible patients.

Home Delivery

Get overnight delivery of BAXDELA directly to the patient’s home or address indicated on the Patient Enrollment Form.

For more information and support, call 1-844-MELINTA (1-844-635-4682) or visit

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